Community Standards

Last updated 21 September 2021


babymates Community Standards

We want babymates to continue to be a safe place for every expectant and new dad wanting to find connection, community, support and services in their journey through parenthood.  Our Community Standards set out our policies for what we do and don’t allow on babymates in order to achieve this.  Community Standards differ to Terms and Conditions which are an agreement between you and us.

If you see something (e.g. photo, video, post, or comment) that you think has breached the Community Standards please help us by reporting the content to us in the babymates app or escalating your concern to [email protected].  By reporting this content to us you are helping to continue to make babymates a safe place where every dad feels welcome.

Please note that if you are found to be uploading content that violates the Community Standards this may result in permanent deactivation of your account.

Violation of the Community Standards includes but is not limited to:

  • Illegal content 
  • Hate speech, bullying or abuse 
  • Discrimination (including racism, bigotry and sexism)
  • Graphic violence 
  • Explicit or inappropriate posts
  • Spam
  • Rude or abusive behaviour
  • Seeking relationship or arrangement
  • Buying, selling or advertising 
  • Recruitment
  • Fundraising 
  • Anti-vaccination related content


babymates is an inclusive community built on trust by dads for dads. We expect you to be respectful to other dads, helpful in conversations and use your true identity when using our app.